Bucket List

Countries we’ve visited so far:

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Each one of us has a huge and different bucket list of countries we want to visit. Some are new, some we have been to on a group tour which we have just touched upon (not seen in-depth as we would like to) and some we visited years ago where many new and interesting things have come up now.

My Bucket List

I have many European countries on my bucket list as we’ve not been there much. 

  1. Scandinavia/Nordic Countries – Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland in winter, to chase Northern Lights
  2. Switzerland – We’ve been here once but that was on a group tour long ago. Too many places still to visit and experiences still to enjoy!
  3. Antarctica – This has been my dream for a long time but it’s way too expensive
  4. Hawaii – It usually doesn’t work out as it is way too far from India but I’m thinking of combining it with a Japan trip
  5. Croatia and Slovenia – It looks beautiful and would be a great destination for a road trip

Dad’s Bucket List

He loves places which involve short flights from India, no self-drive and places that are not too cold.

  1. Vietnam
  2. Cambodia
  3. Oman
  4. Dubai – We’ve been here but there are a ton of new amusement parks which have come up that we’d like to see
  5. China

Mom’s Bucket List

She doesn’t have a bucket list! She is fine with any place as long as we haven’t visited it before.

Kapil’s Bucket List

He has backpacked across Europe for 3 months and thus wants to visit all the countries outside Europe which we haven’t seen before.

  1. Japan – He is a huge fan of Sumo Wrestling and it sits at the top of his bucket list
  2. Egypt – for the pyramids
  3. Turkey – One of the few countries in Europe which he wants to go to
  4. The Maldives – We always chicken out looking at the cost but after learning snorkeling in Greece, it seems worth it
  5. Caribbean Cruise – He likes cruises and wants to experience the world’s biggest cruise line – The Royal Caribbean Cruise

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