Kodaikanal: Detailed Itinerary and Trip Report

Kodaikanal is all about viewpoints, beautiful panoramas and stunning lakes. We spent 3 nights (2 full days) in Kodaikanal and explored everything on our wish list and even had time to chill. If short on time, sightseeing spots can be squeezed into 1 full day.

Panoramic View of Kodaikanal

Day 1 – Mumbai to Coimbatore to Kodaikanal(175 km, 4 hrs)

Our flight landed at 1 pm at Coimbatore Airport.

First, we stopped for lunch. There are 2 South Indian restaurants, Annapoorna and Anandhaas which are quite famous and have several branches all over the city. Both of them have a branch next to the airport. We chose Annapoorna and had a delicious 3 feet dosa served with 3 kinds of chutney and sambar. On this trip, we figured out, none of the South Indian restaurants has idli for lunch or dinner. It’s served for breakfast only.

Dosa at Annapoorna

3 Feet dosa at Annapoorna 🙂

After lunch, we started the 4 hours drive to Kodaikanal. It had some pretty amazing views but was very tiring with endless Ghats.

View en-route to Kodaikanal

Spectacular views en-route to Kodaikanal

We stayed at The Carlton Hotel in Kodaikanal. We had stayed at this hotel 15 years ago and mom wanted to stay here again since then. I was expecting an old 5 star dated property but it turned out to be a modern hotel with all amenities and also rooms had gorgeous lake views. I could have spent 2 days in the room just staring at the views. The food was delicious too but the room service menu was a bit limited. I would say if going to Kodaikanal, just choose this hotel with lake view rooms.

The Carlton Hotel, Kodaikanal

The Carlton Hotel

The Carlton Hotel

Room at the Carlton Hotel

View from the Room - The Carlton

View from our room

Breakfast at The Carlton, Kodaikanal

Breakfast at the Carlton Hotel

Day 2 – Kodaikanal

Time – 10 am to 4 pm

Bryant Park

  • It’s a small park which you can visit if you have some time to spare.
  • Dad likes these kinds of things, so we did a quick visit.
  • There is an entrance fee.
  • Nothing much to see except for a few flowers, plants and trees.

Bryant Park

Bryant Park

Vendor in Kodaikanal

We loved eating carrots, corn and pineapple available at every single viewpoint.

Fairy Falls

  • This isn’t famous and even our driver didn’t know about it but a good spot to visit.
  • It’s easily accessible. After following GPS, it reached till a gate which was closed and signboard stated that it is a private area of Horticulture Forest. There is a small pedestrian gate from which we entered and the waterfall was right there, around 50 meters from the gate.
  • A small cute little waterfall worth checking out.
Fairy Falls in Kodaikanal

Fairy Falls – We were only ones there 🙂

Moir Point

  • It is one of the most famous viewpoints in Kodaikanal. It’s a must-visit.
  • There are viewing platforms from where you can see a good view of the valley.
  • This point probably has the best view but a part of it was covered in clouds and mist. Still, we loved it.
  • The next day, when we passed through it, it was completely covered in clouds.

Moir Point in Kodaikanal

Moir Point

Moir Point from viewing tower

Beautiful Valley View from the watchtower at Moir Point

Moir Point in Kodaikanal

Moir Point in Kodaikanal

Pine Forest

  • It is a lovely forest area with huge pine trees all around.
  • You can also do horse riding here.
  • Quick photo stop.

Pine Forest in Kodaikanal

Pine Forest

Pine Forest in Kodaikanal

A mandatory photo in the Pine Forest

Guna Cave

  • Devil’s Kitchen also known as Guna cave which was named after the shooting of the film Guna.
  • It had a steep climb and was very crowded, hence we skipped it.
  • Reviews state that you can see the cave from outside only and can’t get closer to it anymore.

Pillar’s Rocks View Point

  • Rocks formed naturally in the shape of the pillar.
  • When we went there, at least a part of it was visible and a part was covered in the mist.
  • Must visit viewpoint.
Pillar's Rock View Point in Kodaikanal

Pillar’s Rock View Point

Green Valley View Point

  • Yet another viewpoint and a quick photo stop.
  • We liked Pillar Rock and Moir point better than this.
  • The viewpoint is accessible by 100 meters walkway surrounded by shops.
Green Valley View Point

Green Valley View Point – All covered in fog

Wax Museums

  • We had time and dad is a fan of wax museums, so we decided to visit it.
  • It wasn’t maintained and unless you’re a mad fan of wax museums or have never visited one, can check it out.
Wax Musuem in Kodaikanal

Wax Museum

Liril Falls (Pambar Falls)

  • Located on the main road en-route to the viewpoints.
  • Super tiny waterfall, click a photo and move on.
Liril Falls

Liril Falls

Upper Lake View Point

  • A spectacular view of the entire Kodaikanal is seen from this viewpoint.
  • It’s a must-visit point.
  • Quick photo stop.

Upper Lake View Point

Speculator view of Kodaikanal from Upper Lake View Point

Upper Lake View Point in Kodaikanal

Upper Lake View Point – After using 30x zoom on the camera

We were done seeing all the spots by 3 pm and wanted to have lunch at one of the restaurants from my researched list. But being a Sunday, there was a market and we couldn’t reach any of the restaurants. Hence, we searched for a South Indian restaurant but none of them had idli or dosa for lunch. Hence we just stopped at a random Pizza place that had just about decent pizzas.

Pizza in Kodaikanal

A decent pizza for lunch

After lunch, we went for a walk around the Kodaikanal lake.

Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake

Kodaikanal Lake - Perfect reflection

A perfect reflection of Kodaikanal Lake

For dinner, we stuck to the rooms service at  The Carlton Hotel.

Day 3 – Kodaikanal

Time – 9 am to 3 pm

Berijam Lake

  • It’s a secluded, peaceful and beautiful lake.
  • There is a restricted road from Moir point which leads to the forest area and Berijam Lake.
  • There are some viewpoints along the way – Silent Valley View Point, Berijam Lake View Point, Caps Valley View Point and Mathikettan Shola View Point. They aren’t properly named but you can’t miss them as those are the only places where you can find space to park the car.
  • There was no boating here. Just enjoy the amazing valley view.
  • Time – 9 am to 3 pm, closed on Tuesday.
  • This place is not yet commercialized, so you won’t find any food vendors. You need to get back to the town to find an eatery.
  • We took around 2 hours to visit.

Permit for Berijam Lake

  • You need a permit to visit this lake.
  • We went to the District Forest office in Kodaikanal at 8:30 am (Opening time).
  • Got the form and our driver filled it with all the car details.
  • Paid Rs. 200 and got the permit.
  • It was pretty easy to get as it wasn’t a peak season.
  • Do check the time till the permit is valid.
  • Alternatively, we also saw a permit can be arranged at the entrance of the forest. Govt restricts the number of vehicles per day, hence be sure to stand in the queue early during the busy season.
  • Reach Moir point, flash your permit to the guard post, enter your details in the visitor register and pay Rs.20 and then you can proceed to the restricted road to Berijam Lake.
  • After the viewpoints, you end up at the lake wherein you have to again enter your details and show your permit and pay Rs 20.

We were done by 11:30 am – 12 noon and could have visited yet another lake – Mannavanur Lake. But it was 1.5 hours detour, so we skipped it. If visiting this lake, make sure to stop at Poombarai Village View Point.

Silent Valley View Point in Kodaikanal

Silent Valley View Point

Berijam lake view point in Kodaikanal

Berijam Lake View Point

Forest Drive in Kodaikanal

Beautiful drive in the forest!

Caps Valley View Point in Kodaikanal

Caps Valley View Point

Mathikettan Shola View Point in Kodaikanal

Mathikettan Shola View Point

Berijam Lake in Kodaikanal

Berijam Lake

4holidaymaniacs in Kodaikanal

4holidaymaniacs in Kodaikanal

After visiting Berijam Lake, we checked out some viewpoints which we missed the previous day.

Vattakanal Waterfalls

  • Beautiful waterfall en-route to Dolphin Nose.
  • Can also swim in this waterfall.
  • No entry fees.
  • It is worth checking out.

If trekking is your thing, continue to Dolphin Nose.

Vattakanal Waterfalls in Kodaikanal

Vattakanal Waterfalls

Coaker’s walk

  • It’s just 15 minutes walk from one gate to the other. You can ask your driver to wait at the other gate so you don’t have to walk back.
  • The entry which is opposite Bryant Park has an uphill walk. So it is better to enter via the other gate.
  • It’s a lovely walk with a valley view all along the pathway.
  • There are various shops selling tea, ice cream and snacks.
  • There is also a telescope viewpoint where one could try spotting places on the opposite side.

Cookers walk in Kodaikanal

Coaker’s walk

Icecream at Cookers walk

Pista Ice-cream at Coaker’s walk


We went to the Royal Tibet restaurant for lunch. It was run by a Tibetan lady. We had usual Thukpa, momos, fried rice and spring rolls which was good but not mind-blowing. The best dish was the potato chilly and the fresh lime soda.

Royal Tibet

Fried Rice at Royal Tibet

Momos at Royal Tibet

Momos at Royal Tibet

Kodaikanal Lake

  • Obviously going to Kodaikanal, you can’t miss boating at the Kodaikanal lake.
  • Different boat options are available including row and paddle boats.
  • You can also do some shopping at the lake. We bought a chocolate box for Rs. 60 from a roadside vendor but they turned out to be horrible. It tasted like sugar syrup.
  • A 30-minute shikara ride was included in our room’s price. The Carlton Hotel had its own boating facilities. We did a half an hour shikara boat ride. The shikara was 2 seater with super comfortable seats, way better than the public boats. It was one of the best boat rides for us. The only con was that they had one only boat, so we all 4 could not go together.

Shikara ride in Kodaikanal

Boating in Kodaikanal

Boats of the Carlton Hotel

Super comfortable shikara of The Carlton Hotel

Kodaiakanal Lake

Beautiful views all around!

Hotel – The Carlton Hotel

Day 4 – Kodaikanal to Ooty (252 Km, 7 hrs)

We started our long drive to Ooty.

Silver Cascade Falls

  • This waterfall is on the main road itself before entering Kodaikanal.
  • Again a quick, photo stop.
Silver Cascade Falls in Kodaikanal

Silver Cascade Waterfall


For lunch, we stopped at A2B. The restaurant was huge, nice seating and super cheap and delicious food. We tried a variety of items – dosa, paratha with korma, sweets and chaats. They also offered typical South Indian thali but again no idli for lunch.

Dosa at A2B

Delicious crispy dosa at A2B

Lunch at A2B

Cheap, tasty paratha served with korma

The drive to Ooty passed through Coimbatore. So it is easy to do Kodaikanal and Ooty as 2 separate trips.

Drive from Kodaikanal to Coimbatore

Beautiful drive!

That’s it on Kodaikanal. It was a perfect trip with an amazing hotel, a good driver and all the scenic viewpoints and beautiful lakes which we visited.  From here we continued to Ooty and Bandipur.

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