Taj Best Rate Guarantee: Success

I was looking to book Taj Savoy Ooty if I could manage to find a good price. Else I was considering to go ahead with Fortune Resort Sullivan Court, Ooty or The Gateway Hotel Church Road by Taj, Coonoor. The price of Taj Savoy, Ooty was around Rs. 8000 plus 28% GST on the hotel’s website. Hence, I was searching various websites to see if I could get it at a price of Rs. 7499 or less as then GST applicable would be 18%. In today’s date and time, in India, when GST is 28% on hotels if the price is Rs. 7500 and above or it is 18% when the price is between Rs. 2500 and Rs. 7499, it is very frustrating to book a hotel around Rs. 8000 mark.

After waiting for a few days, finally on Goibibo, I found it for Rs. 7200 plus 18% GST. So total came to Rs. 25,488 for 1 room for 3 nights. I booked these rates which had a free cancellation policy.

Goibibo Screenshot

Goibibo Booking

But then I wanted to pay for the stay by Taj Experience Gift Cards worth Rs. 10,000 which I had received by using American Express Platinum Travel Card. I had 3 such vouchers, hence total equating to Rs. 30,000. I could use these vouchers only if I book directly with Taj.

Then I started searching for Taj Best Rate Guarantee Claim. On its website, it states simple 3 terms and conditions:
1) Book a room on tajhotels.com.
2) If you find a better rate for the same room and inclusive on any online channel, submit a claim via the claim form.
3) If your claim is valid, we will match the lower rate and give you a further 10% discount.     

That’s what exactly I did:

1) Booked a room on Taj Website for Rs. 8300 plus 28 percent GST. So total was Rs. 31,872. It had a free cancellation policy and was inclusive of 10% Taj Inner circle member discount.

Taj Booking on Hotel's Website

Taj Booking on the Hotel’s Website

2) Submitted a claim form. Also, booked it on Goibibo and attached a screenshot of the same.

3) They replied asking, ” May I request you to kindly confirm whether you have logged in to Make My Trip booking portal with your credentials? “. 

I replied them back saying “I have submitted a claim for the lowest rate found on Goibibo and not for Make My Trip. The room is available for Rs. 7200 plus 18% GST whereas on your website it is for Rs. 8300 plus 28% GST. So please match the price and give an additional 10% discount as per your claims conditions. I have attached a confirmation voucher of Goibibo which clearly states the cheaper price I booked there after booking directly on your website.”

And finally got their email which I’ve been wanting to see all this while. Taj Best Rate Guarantee SUCCESS!!

Taj Best Rate Guarantee Success

Taj Best Rate Guarantee Success

Therefore, the total came to Rs. 6480 plus 18% GST. So total for 3 nights was Rs. 22,939 which I paid with Taj Experience Gift Cards on arrivals. I needed 2 rooms, so I had done this Taj Best Rate Guarantee claim procedure twice simultaneously and they honoured both my claims.

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